In the last one year of campaign season, Vinson has researched all the candidates running for various state and local offices in the region. He was primarily looking for candidates who will support his mission to preserve an excellence driven public education system in Fairfax County, directly or indirectly. Other considerations he had while making these endorsements included focus on public safety, opposition to sanctuary policies, strong law and order enforcement, good stewardship of taxpayer money, upholding family values, focus on alleviating traffic congestion, controlling ever increasing tolls and innovative approaches for sustainable development. We have received many queries about our recommendations for candidates running for other offices. That’s the reason why we thought it may be helpful to provide a list of candidates that ‘Vinson For School Board’ has decided to endorse. We request you to vote for these candidates. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these endorsements.

House of Delegates
Commonwealth’s Attorney
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
Board of Supervisors
School Board
Soil & Water Conservation Board
  • At-large: Chris Bowen
  • At-large: Jane Dudik
  • At-large: Ed McGovern

Some of those also provide you the possibility to leave your comments affordablepapers to your products or services.