I am running for the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) school board to regain the trust of parents and to ensure that paths for sound parent involvement in their children’s schools and their lives are not compromised. Here are my thoughts on the approaches I would adopt when trying to make this happen. I will really appreciate if you would connect with me with your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our public education with more involvement of our families in public schools.

Total Transparency with Parents About Their Children’s School Lives

With textbooks gone and opportunity for participation only online, parents, especially from the vulnerable sections of the society, are effectively excluded from their children’s school lives. Students are reported to have received counseling involving sexual matters without the parent’s consent or involvement. The system explicitly tells the kids that it understands them better, not their parents. There is no system in the world that can replace the care and concern of loving parents and so any counseling should require parental involvement. Reduction in parental involvement in schools should be addressed with a sense of urgency. Avenues of parental involvement should be aggressively advocated for, preserved and protected.

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Upgrade School Security & Mental Health Support

While FCPS has elaborate Security and Safety standards and procedures in place, there is minimal emphasize on ensuring armed security in all schools starting from K to 12. When it comes to the lives of our children, we can’t take any chance at all. Our elementary schools currently do not have permanent security staffing, while middle and high schools are staffed with just one school resource officer each. In addition to all the systems and procedures in place, I would like to employ more of the most effective tool in preventing a tragedy, which is more trained and armed security personnel in each school.

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Sex/Gender Education for Protection/Prevention NOT Indoctrination

FCPS misleads parents about Family Life Education (FLE), saying that it is a preventive program when it has no preventive goals and its effectiveness in prevention has never been evaluated. Sex Education as provided at FCPS may increase risky behavior in children instead of protecting them. Anal sex is taught to 8th graders, and it is implied that all sexual behavior is equally risky, which is dangerously false.

In addition to the explicit material that is already being taught to children as young as 4th grade, gender fluidity based not on science but on extraneous ideology was added to FCPS Family Life Education (FLE) (Sex Ed) curriculum starting from 7th grade. The school board seems to be eager to discourage the need for parental consent on providing sex/gender education to the children. Their actions in this regard despite overwhelming parental opposition must be reversed. The attitude that systems and the government know more about the needs for children than their parents is wrong and should be corrected.

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