"It is our pleasure to support Vinson Xavier Palathingal for the important At Large School Board seat in Fairfax County. Susan and I sent our three children through Fairfax County Schools and we know the importance of welcoming parental involvement and honest high academic standards. We know Vinson shares our vision of a school system that rewards hard work, academic excellence and opportunities for all."

George Allen & Susan Allen

Former Virginia Governor and US Senator

"One of the most important tasks we as parents, grandparents, and the concerned community should have is to ensure our children receive the best education possible. We have entered an age where children are no longer taught how to think, they are being taught what to think. That is not the role of public education.
Parents need to reassert their authority over the curriculum being presented to their children. Parents need to reassert their authority over the officials making decisions regarding their children. Parents need to reassert their authority over the funding decisions affecting public education.
Vinson Xavier Palathingal understands those imperatives. As an At-Large Member of the Fairfax County School Board, Vinson has promised to restore Academic Rigor, Fiscal Prudence and Total Transparency to the Fairfax County Public School System. For these reasons, Urban Red is proud to endorse Vinson Xavier Palathingal for At-Large Member of the Fairfax County School Board"

Ralph J. Chittams, Sr.

Executive Director, www.urbanred.org

As the pastor of St. Jude Syro-Malabar Catholic church of Northern Virginia, I am really excited to see that one of our parishioners has decided to take his civic duties as an American citizen to the next level. I have known Vinson X. Palathingal for the last 4 years. He and his wife Asha have kept their faith alive and raised their two boys with the same conservative catholic values they have grown up with in Kerala, India. I know Vinson takes the matter of education seriously and I am sure he will be a great addition to the decision making body of the public education system in Fairfax County. My best wishes and prayers are always with him.

Fr. Justin Puthussery- Pastor,

St. Jude Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Chantilly, Virginia

“If I haven't told you yet, my Dad is running for Fairfax County School Board. Growing up he was a tough parent for sure, instilling the lessons he learned growing up and through working tirelessly to get where he is today. On the other hand, he never let me forget how much he loved and cared for me, and the importance of a strong family and good roots. I genuinely believe he will be a great school-board representative for those who care about academic excellence, properly allocating our tax dollars, and instilling the importance of a good, well-rounded education for Fairfax County students. It would mean a lot to me and my dad if you could help support him in any way.The election is on November 5th, 2019, and he is running at large, which means anyone in Fairfax County can vote. Please request your parents, family, and friends to go vote for him!”

Stephen V. Palathingal

Vinson & Asha’s younger son
2nd year student at University of Virginia,
School of Engineering, Charlottesville

“I’ve known Vinson since my early days here in America. We lived near each other, our kids grew up together, and I’ve had the pleasure of really getting to know him. I know that Vinson is one of the most intelligent, hardworking, and thoughtful people in our community and there is no one better than him to advocate for our children in Fairfax county. I stand with Vinson and believe in his campaign. I endorse his candidacy for Fairfax County School Board strongly, and I urge all of you to do everything you can to get him elected.”

Haridas Nambiar

Vinson’s long-term friend
& Former President of Kerala Association of Greater Washington

"We need a member on our school board from our own community. A man with a clear thinking, bold and confident to represent us. Having lived here for so long and having served as our community leader, Vinson understands our community’s needs and I am very pleased to see Vinson run as the At-Large member on the Fairfax County school board. Let's give our 100% to support him by all means and spread the word. My best wishes for a great success and Victory is yours Vinson! God Bless!"

Babu Vinayagom

Tamil Sangham Leader

“We need someone to represent Indian American community on the FCPS school board. Vinson perfectly fits the bill for several reasons. He is well qualified for the job as he is an experienced parent and an active Asian American community leader. He has been working for several years in different capacities in the education domain, including his most recent efforts working with US State Department to help international students coming to US. Most importantly he has proven track record of working with various ethnic minority groups. I am sure he will be an asset to the Fairfax County school board and urge all my friends to wholeheartedly support him.”

Anil Tiwari

Long term friend of Vinson
& Technology Leader

"Vinson is a dedicated leader in our community who has worked tirelessly to integrate the Asian American community with mainstream America. He is also a caring father who guided his children to grow up as successful and trustworthy young men. He wants the youngsters of Fairfax county to grow as wonderful citizens and is committed to build an environment that facilitates their success.
I find his vision for promoting success-oriented education grounded in family values, while being determined to minimize the financial burden on the citizens of the county very striking. As someone who knows Vinson for nearly 30 years, I know that he is capable of delivering on his promise. As a father of two children studying in Fairfax County schools, I whole heartedly support Vinson for Fairfax County school board."

Rejive Joseph

Long term friend of Vinson
& Indian American community leader

"As a person of Indian origin, I know the difficulties in fully assimilating to the American ways of life. Vinson is one of the few from our community who has integrated exceptionally well into the larger American community. He has excellent communication skills, works really well with others, and is a strong leader. With all these qualities I believe Vinson is highly qualified to be an At-Large member on Fairfax County school board. I wish him all success."

Bejoy Thomas

St. Jude Syro Malabar Catholic Church Community Leader

Mike Ginsberg for Vinson

"As a parent of two FCPS students who has gone on to STEM careers, Vinson truly understands what it takes to successfully prepare students for their next steps after high school, from college to vocational school, to the military, to the workforce. And as a technology entrepreneur, Vinson knows what employers are looking for from STEM graduates and where FCPS needs to improve its STEM education. Vinson's own experience as an immigrant from India to the United States gives him unique insight into providing immigrants the education to succeed and thrive in their new home. "

Mike Ginsberg

Founder, Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition